How Have Our Business Travel Habits Have Changed Over The Past 30 Years

It is normal for human beings to change their habits as time moves by. Over the past 30 years, we have noted the tremendous change in business habits. Currently, there are new trends and preferences regarding business travel that have been brought about by the millennial influence.

The way we travel for business today has completely changed. It starts from the way we book for the trips to the business experience in that said destination. The modern-day business traveller doesn’t belong to a particular age group. This has changed the perspective of business traveling. Most workplaces are engaging actively in business travel. It is therefore mandatory for us to familiarize ourselves with these changes.

Here’s how business travel habits have changed over the past few years;

Booking for Transportation has Never Been Easier

Thirty years ago, you would have to spend endless hours visiting the airport and booking for transportation. Currently, you can book for flights online and even plan for your accommodation in the area of destination. In most workplaces, one may be presented with impromptu business meetings that require you to travel almost immediately. We can, therefore, say this new habit has made business travel easier.

Shift in Priorities

Back in 1989, when one was asked to go on a business trip, his/her sole responsibility was business. But this is entirely different when we come back to 2019. As of today, mixing business and pleasure is completely acceptable. You will be shocked to see people carrying scuba diving gear when they are going on a serious business trip. We can, however, accredit this shift in priorities to the implementation of healthy workplace policies.

Compared to other generations, millennials have shown a complete shift in business travel priorities. Most business travellers today are paying more attention to having a leisure experience on their trips other than fulfilling the company’s objectives.

Cost-Saving No Longer Defines Business Travelling

Corporate travel programs are said to cost a hundred times more than they did 30 years ago. This is because cost saving no longer defines business traveling. Most employees are taking advantage of business trips to fulfil their travel experiences. This habit has become common, and every organization seems to adopt it. Top employees such as CEO’s and Managers are the ones who benefit the most from these luxurious business trips.

Keeping in Touch when Working Abroad

Business traveling has also been changed by the introduction of new technologies. Thirty years ago, our communication technology was quite inconvenient. The only forms of communication were letters, ‘ancient’ telephone calls amongst others. For those who were working abroad by then, had to travel frequently so that they could keep in touch with their families.

But, in today’s world, the means of communication are numerous. Business travels have lessened since employees can opt to keep in touch with their family members via social media and other types of communication. To make matters even better, thanks to these modern forms of communication, you don’t need to go for a business trip yet, you can teleconference with the other party irrespective of where they are located.

We can conclude that the change in business travel habits has brought about both positive and negative effects. It is up to the corporate traveling boards to know how to adapt to these new habit changes while still keeping in mind the company’s objectives.