Accessories Needed for Pallet Racking

Pallet racking has become an essential part of today’s warehouse; many manufacturers are using it nowadays, therefore, if you plan on investing in pallet racking, it is important that some of the available accessories that will do nothing more than enhancing your storage experience. Below are some of the most important accessories that you can make use of.

Anti-collapse mesh: This is normally used on the single-entry pallet tracks; it is always used to provide additional protection against the falling objects. It is set by fitting it to the racks that contain the loading bays as well the walkways; this is basically to help in reducing the chances of injuries in case any loose items fall from the racking. You can find mesh at

Sack signs and labels: Clearly labelling your systems can help your warehouse in a great way, it will help in ensuring that your warehouse is in a position to run smoothly, if needed, you can go for a tailor-made racking labels, and it is important that you seek a specialists help to install it, it is also very important to ensure that the racking system can be clearly identified, this will help in taking out any guesswork from the work of your forklift.

Load signs for racking: It is very essential for a pallet racking user to ensure that his or her pallet racking has the signs that help in indicating the maximum load capacity of the racking system, in case you or rather your staff members are not aware of the maximum load capacity of the racking system, then it might just pose a danger to you and your employees. It is very important that you use a sign at the end of each rack so the forklift drivers, as well as other employees, are aware of the exact load size that the rack can take and the size that it cannot.

Support bars: This is normally used on the pallet racking systems specifically where there are very heavy pallets stored, especially where pallets of non- standard sizes are used, as well as where the sagging and the weak pallets are used. They span across the full depth of a racking frame as well as slotting into beams that were already there.

Column guards: They are normally used on the pallet racking system to protect the uprights from forklift drivers. Without column guards, the chances of a forklift driver damaging the uprights of the racking system are very high.

Beam safety locks: Beam safety locks are very essential when it comes to ensuring the safety of the racking system; however, several warehouse owners always underestimate the effectiveness and the usefulness of the beam safety locks. They help in stopping the beams from accidentally dislodging, and it also prevents it from getting damaged by the forklift driver.

Rack Safety barriers and end protection: Over the past few years, many people have become aware of the rack safety barrier. As the name suggests, the end protection is mainly used to provide protection to the racking storage system especially at the end of isles in the warehouse.